Susan, I just can’t say enough what an honor it was to be a part of your event. You are a true connector! It was incredible to see how you brought so many people together in a deeply passionate way. What a remarkable event.

Melissa R Yao

Director, National Trafficking Sheltered Alliance


You and your team were highly organized and skilled at marketing, development and event planning. Well done!


Your interviewing of the presenters was just brilliant. It kept them focused and talking about things that were so important.


Thank you for being a champion of this cause.


My sister and I were incredibly moved by the day's events.


Thank you for making a difference in the world.


It is so cool to be watching Walk Her Home unfold in its efforts to bring awareness to human trafficking.


Congratulations on a phenomenal event - it was quite impressive, especially for the first year.


What a wonderful and inspiring event today - thank you and the Walk Her Home team.


The event and what Walk Her Home is doing is so important - thank you!


I have never heard so many clear details and honest information about this issue.


Congratulations on a successful inaugural event - the panel was terrific!


Congratulations on your spectacular debut event. I am delighted to read of the success you had. Thanks also for all the co-branding opportunities you provided for us. We will look forward to working with you again.